5 Ways to Attack Wrinkles with Consistency and Good Timing

5 Ways to Attack Wrinkles with Consistency and Good Timing

Aging is a fact of life. But how you care for your skin can reduce wrinkles and other visible signs of aging. It takes consistency, timing, and the right skincare products used in the right order to keep your skin’s natural youthful glow.

As we age, the skin loses its elasticity. It thins, becomes drier, and loses its ability to heal from daily damage, too. Moisturizers, serums, and creams step in when nature begins to slow down. They add moisture, stimulate collagen production, and promote healing. However, you get more out of your skincare products with a few tips and tricks. 


Apply products in the right order

There are many ways to layer your skincare products, but order matters. For example, you don’t want to apply your sunscreen before your moisturizer because sunscreen can prevent moisturizers from absorbing into the skin. 

  1. Cleanser — Cleansers remove oil and dirt so nothing gets between your skin and your skincare products. Try SkinResourceMD’s Tea Tree Deep Clearing Facial Cleanser or Total Facial Cleanser, both of which are gentle enough for sensitive skin. 
  • Astringent — Not everyone needs or likes to use astringent. If you use one, right after you cleanse the skin is the time. Try Pore Purifying Astringent if you have oily skin or Visibly Moist Toner if you need some extra hydration.  
  1. Moisture boosts/antioxidant treatments — Products that lock in moisture like SkinResourceMDs Hyaluronic Moisture Boost Serum or boost nutrients Total Antioxidant - Vitamin C Facial Serum should come next. These types of products specifically target the needs of aging skin with moisture and antioxidants that help resist damage from free radicals. 
  2. Moisturizers — Now it’s time for regular moisturizers like SkinResourceMDs Baobab Skin Correction Facial Cream, Oil Free Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer, or Ultra Rich Biolipid Cream. These products fight the drying caused by the sun or environment as well as aging. 
  3. Sunblock — Sunblock like Essential Solar Protector or Hyaluronic Facial Solar Protector should go on last. These products protect the skin from the sun, so they can prevent moisturizing products and other skin treatments from absorbing into the skin.  

Apply anti-wrinkle products before bed

Woman putting face cream on at night.

Any anti-wrinkle treatments like chemical exfoliants, hyaluronic products, or retinol should go on the skin before bed. That gives the product several hours to sink into and nourish the skin. 

Before applying your nightly treatment, cleanse the face to remove dirt, oil, and makeup. A cleanser, wrinkle treatment, and moisturizer are the perfect (and simple) way to end the day.


Choose skincare products with the right ingredients

Skin Care Ingredients

Develop a daily routine

The consistency of a daily routine makes sure your skin gets moisturized and cared for on a regular basis. A basic daily routine should include cleansing and moisturizing. From there, you can add skincare products that target your specific skin issues. 

Tackle uneven pigmentation with Baobab Skin Correction Facial Cream or a renewing product like Alpha Hydroxy Skin Renewal Serum. Be sure to look for products developed for your skin type. For example, those with oily skin should look for help with shine control and acne management, while those with sensitive skin need products that are gentle.  


Use deeper hydration

Give your skin deeper hydration or anti-oil treatments by using masks every few days or once a week. Masks can help remove impurities from deep within the skin, as with the Zinc & Sulphur Mask. Or they can provide deeper hydration as with the Soothing Gel Mask. These deep treatments create a foundation from which your daily skincare can build.


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Final Thoughts

The right skincare products give you a way to care for and improve the appearance of your skin as you age. A consistent skincare routine and using products in ways that maximize their benefits will give you an extra edge. Find products you love. Then use them to make your skin glow.  

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