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In 1984, Paul Dean, M.D. and his wife walked into a high-end department store and were pitched to purchase a $150 bottle of skin cream by a sales associate. As a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Dean was turned off by the misinformation consumers were receiving in tandem with outrageous skincare promises. Dr. Dean looked at the ingredients and was astounded by the marked-up price. This incident sparked a strong desire to create accessible skin care and to start debunking false promises in the skincare industry. With the intellectual power of a team of medical doctors and a bustling medical practice, his first compa- ny, dermEssence, Inc. was formed and was the first premium skincare line featured in a national drug store. The company became Resource in 1988, and then SkinResourceMD in 2007. Dr. Dean has been instrumental in creating two other brands, VetDermSolutions and VitalFit-SR. VetDerm Solutions is the first dog shampoo created by a veterinarian and a dermatologist.

Our products are doctor-formulated, fragrance-free, involve no animal testing, and are manufactured earth friendly.

Our goal is to help all patients navigate the overwhelming amount of information on skin care products and ingredients, and en- courage a simple regime with specialized products for your distinct needs and skin conditions.

These state-of-the-art skin care products were created by practicing, award-winning, board-certified dermatologists who formu- lated these unique products for their own dermatology clinic patients. This is the "Intelligent Alternative®" Unique products that when used daily together will make your skin appear more vibrant, healthy, and youthful.

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    Paul Dean


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    Nelly Dean


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    Aaron Dean

    Partner / Sales

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    Skip Dalrymple


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    Jody Dougherty

    Accounting & Financing

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    Kenda Swartz

    Project Manager

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    Jamie Miller

    Project Manager

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    Alexis Dean

    Ingredients Specialist

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    Paul Sewell


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We are creating a world where expensive department store counters are ghost towns, the basics of skin care are practiced daily with science-based affordable products, and consumers have confidence in choosing and using the products they need for their particular skincare needs.