A rendering of a skincare product bottle and the software used to design it

Our Partner Labs

Our partner labs are fully staffed with onsite chemists and technicians. We have an extensive catalog of prototype formulas on file to design your skin and hair care line to your exact requirements.
Our complete customization option lets you choose ingredients and packaging to your specifications.

Prototypes and Rendering

We produce 3D renderings and prototypes so you get a clear picture of your product during the initial phase.

Skincare product bottles arranged next to their ingredients on a white backdrop

Clean Beauty

Consumers are deeply concerned about how beauty and body care ingredients impact
human health and the environment, giving rise to safer “clean beauty” products. Clean
beauty was once a trend, but it’s becoming the standard for top skincare brands.
We can substitute over 100+ clean ingredients in various skincare formulas.


If sustainability is important to you, we have you covered.

We work in partnership with our customers and suppliers by constantly reviewing new and trending research on packaging and ingredients to maintain and support our planet.