What Are and How to Treat Dark Spots On Your Face.

What Are and How to Treat Dark Spots On Your Face.

Unfortunately, none of us have the clear skin we once did as babies. Over time, age spots, acne scarring, and sun damage accumulate. Hormonal changes and medications may change the appearance of your skin, too. However, you can develop a skincare routine that reduces dark spots and protects your skin from future damage.  


What causes dark spots on my face?

Dark spots on the face have many causes. Many conditions, infections, bacteria, and viruses can cause changes in skin pigmentation. A few of the more common causes include:

  • Freckles are clusters of concentrated cells that overproduce melanin, the substance that gives our skin its color. Some people are genetically predisposed to freckles, while others aren’t. However, sun exposure can trigger the development of more freckles.
  • Acne, chickenpox, and other scarring conditions can leave behind dark spots. The scars appear as the body tries to heal itself. Some lighten over time, but others won’t.
  • Sunspots (also called age or liver spots) emerge when the skin tries to protect itself from the sun. They appear because of cumulative sun exposure and damage rather than a single exposure, which is why they’re more common as you age.
  • Certain medications and hormone changes can also cause dark spots to appear on the face.


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How do I get rid of dark spots on my face?

There are several ways to reduce the appearance of dark spots. Some are more drastic than others, like laser resurfacing, cryotherapy, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion. However, at SkinResourceMD, we prefer to take a gentle approach to skin care.

Nature contains many plants and extracts that reduce dark spots, and we use many of them in our skincare products. One of the best ways to reduce uneven pigmentation is with our Baobab Skin Correction Facial Cream. Baobab seed oil contains powerful antioxidants like vitamin C that help protect the skin from sun damage and oxidative stress.

You can also reduce the appearance of dark spots with a chemical exfoliant like our Alpha Hydroxy Skin Renewal Serum. It contains antioxidants, such as lemon extract, Pyrus malus fruit extract, and white tea extract that energize, protect, and restore the skin. Exfoliants like this help remove dead skin cells to reveal the brighter skin underneath.

You can also give your skin an extra boost of antioxidant protection with our Total Antioxidant Vitamin C Facial Serum. This serum has a gentle citrus scent and acts as a corrective serum that also nourishes the skin.


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Can I prevent dark spots?

There are ways to prevent or keep dark spots from returning. The best option is to use physical sun protection every day. 

Physical sunscreen relies on zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to block the sun’s rays from penetrating the skin. In contrast, chemical sunscreens absorb the sun’s rays. They also absorb into the skin and stay in your system for days. Chemical sunscreens can damage coral reefs and the wildlife that live in them. Many countries now ban chemical sunscreens at their beaches in an effort to protect their reefs.

We believe in protecting consumers and the environment. That’s why our first sun-protective option, Essential Solar Protector Moisturizing Sunscreen, is reef-safe and offers SPF 47 protection. It’s gentle enough for the face or anywhere else on the body. Hydrating ingredients make it suitable for use as a moisturizer, cutting down on the number of products you need in your skincare routine.

 Our second sunblock is our Hyaluronic Facial Solar Protector - Tinted Moisturizing Sunscreen. It, too, is a physical sun protector, so it’s reef-safe and safer for your body. It contains hyaluronic acid, a moisturizer that fights the visible signs of aging. This tinted formula blends and absorbs into the skin so it doesn’t feel sticky or greasy. The smooth finish easily acts as a foundation and moisturizer combination, drastically simplifying your morning skincare regimen.  


Final Thoughts

Daily treatment with products that improve pigmentation and regular use of sun protection can maintain your skin’s health. However, try to keep in mind that you may not be able to prevent or remove all dark spots from your skin. They are a part of the natural human life cycle. But consistent use of products that improve the condition of your skin and protect it from damage will help maintain a youthful glow as long as possible. If you show your skin love, it will love you back by protecting you from a harsh environment for years to come.

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