Pore Purifying Astringent

Acne/Adult Acne

Fight blemishes where they start, and stop oily skin acne.

Pore Purifying Astringent is our best natural face cleanser for oily skin. This refreshing, exfoliating skin care product purifies and cleans your skin without stripping it and helps correct visible imperfections without drying skin. Within days, congested or acne-prone skin looks clearer, feels smoother, and acts healthier.

Purifying Sage, Thyme, Eucalyptus and a patented blend of the most active fractions of New Zealand and Australian Tea Tree oils work quickly to balance hostile flora deep within pores without causing irritation or redness.

Natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) from citrus, apple and sugar cane are combined with a time-released, skin-conditioning beta hydroxy acid (BHA) to smooth rough, flaky skin commonly seen with acne. Oxidized sebum, which combines with dead cells to form sebaceous plugs, is also dissolved, helping to free clogs from pores with minimal extraction effort. A proprietary form of Green Tea and dipotassium glycyrrhizate (a soothing molecule from licorice) counteracts visible redness and discomfort common in acne-prone areas.

Does not contain benzoyl peroxide, colorants, synthetic fragrance or parabens.



  • Pore-purifying essential oils balance pore ecology
  • Helps visibly clear imperfections without drying skin
  • AHA
  • BHA blend minimize pores
  • Counteracts visible signs of redness



    Sugar Cane: is high in acids like glycolic, alpha-hydroxy (AHA) which increases the production of cells. It also help in exfoliating skin.

    Green Tea Leaf Extract: rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients, and anti-inflammatory properties that help manage acne while reviving skin’s youthful glow

    Citric Acid: help improve the skin elasticity, increase skin firmness, as well as a skin exfoliator.

    Apple Extract: is rich in vitamins A, B complex and C, apple benefits your skin by helping get rid of pathogens and excess oil.

    Lavender Oil: helps even skin tone, and reduce wrinkles.

    Sage Oil: exhibits a cooling property that soothes skin afflicted with inflammation.

    Thyme Oil: helps to stimulate blood flow to leave your skin glowing and youthful.



    Using cotton pad or as a "splash", liberally apply astringent to clean skin.



    Water (base), SD alcohol 40-B (BHA solvent), betaine salicylate (exfoliating BHA), glycerin (hydrating), 4-terpineol (pore purifying), leptospermum scoparium oil (pore purifying essential oil), sugar cane (saccharum officinarum) extract (exfoliating AHA), citrus extract (exfoliating AHA), apple (pyrus malus) extract (exfoliating AHA), green tea (camellia sinensis) extract (soothing), green tea (camellia oleifera) extract (soothing), lavender (lavandula angustifolia) extract (pore purifying extract), aminomethyl propanol (pH adjuster), coceth-7 (mild emulsifier), dipotassium glycyrrhizate (soothing), eucalyptus globulus oil (pore purifying essential oil), sage (salvia officinalis) oil (pore purifying essential oil), thyme (thymus vulgaris) oil (pore purifying essential oil), butylene glycol (hydrating), PPG-1-PEG-9 lauryl glycol ether (mild emulsifier), PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil (mild emulsifier), potassium sorbate (antimicrobial preservative).

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