Skinspiration: Why We Started Skin Resource.MD

Skinspiration: Why We Started Skin Resource.MD

“Why did you start Skin Resource.MD?”

We get this question a lot, but the answer is multifaceted. When we started in 1984, the skin care market wasn’t as saturated as it is now. What’s more, consumers weren’t as educated: the Internet wasn’t available for savvy shoppers to find out about what ingredients were inside their skin care products and how those ingredients worked. So, we started Skin Resource.MD to help consumers get the ingredients they needed without the hype. Here are a few more reasons we started our company:

Why We Started Skin Resource.MD

Because Fragrance Isn’t the Same as Skin Care

Many so-called miracle products have one thing in common: a flowery scent. And while it might feel luxurious to spread a fragrance-loaded product onto your face, the truth is that fragrances are irritants. If your skin is even slightly sensitive, adding a product with fragrance will inflame your skin. 

The idea of fragrance as an irritant isn’t as revolutionary now, but during the 1980s we were pushing a new concept to the masses. Some of our first products, like our Total Skin Moisturizer, were calming, natural, fragrance free — and totally ahead of their time. 

Because Marketing Doesn’t Mean a Superior Product

Another challenge early on for Skin Resource.MD was differentiating between products and marketing. Our products contain ingredients that are just as high-quality and effective as those found in prestige cosmeceuticals — so why are ours more affordable? Because we believe in transparency and simplicity over slick marketing or fancy packaging. Ingredients are ingredients, and everything we use is high grade.

Think about it: if that $200 face cream contained ingredients that were really so miraculous, the FDA would be controlling it — it would be a drug. Instead, consumers are paying companies to sell them a brand without selling them any different types of ingredients. In today’s market, consumers are savvier and more of aware of what’s inside their skincare products: take a look for yourself at the ingredients (thanks, Google!), and you’ll begin to realize that the ingredients are nearly identical. There’s nothing that warrants that kind of price discrepancy, and we don’t think your wallet needs to suffer in order for your skin to look incredible.

Because We Wanted Patient-Tested, Patient-Approved Skin Care

One of the most exciting aspects of our brand is our approach to research and development. Sure, we use a lab to get the right percentages and know what’s effective based on ingredients, but it doesn’t mean anything until we test it on real people — and until those people see real results.

At Skin Resource.MD, we work directly with patients at our active dermatology practice. We’re walking in every day and facing people who use the products we created, products they’ve spent good money on to use and try. Where else do you get the opportunity to walk in and see the creator of a product? Not at the department store or the drug store. But this is our reality at Skin Resource.MD. 

Our doctors are getting instant feedback and are seeing how a variety of different skin types respond to our products before we put them on the market. We put our practice on the line, which is why we only produce skincare we know is effective.

This approach also creates an open conversation for what’s needed. Our Hyaluronic Moisture Boost Serum, for example, was a direct result of patient input. Patients who had received laser procedures needed a soothing, super moisturizer to soothe the skin. We whipped up the Moisture Boost, and when patients ran out — long after their procedures were over — they wanted more. We realized this incredible product draws moisture to skin and acts as a catalyst to keep skin refreshed, no matter your skin type or condition. Patient demand dictated this wonderful new addition to our line.  

Because We Want to Share the Power of Core Basics

We’re open to skincare trends and pampering yourself with a mask or special treatment, but developing a tried-and-true routine is the best way to see and maintain results. At Skin Resource.MD, we create affordable, effective products so you can keep them in rotation twice daily, every day, all year round. For us, that means three things: cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. We don’t cut corners on this core arsenal, either. Each of our skincare basics are packed with antioxidants that benefit your skin and promote a healthy, radiant complexion.



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