Think Twice Before Tanning

Think Twice Before Tanning

In years past tanning beds were falsely glorified as a great way to get your skin to look like you have been hanging out at the beach all week and in just 20 minutes you would have the perfect tan to show for it. 

The realities of tanning beds is a lot worse than probably most people know. Here are some unfortunate facts about tanning beds that will make you think twice before exposing your body to these extremely damaging rays.

    • 20 minutes of UVA exposure in a tanning bed equals 2 hours of direct midday sunlight with zero protection.


    • UVA rays can be 3 to 6 times more intense that sunlight and more damaging than the actual sun.


    • If you used tanning beds regularly before the age of 35, you have increased your risk of melanoma by 59 percent!


    • Tanning beds have no benefit to getting more vitamin D to your body. In fact it is UVB rays that help skin develop vitamin D, not UVA rays which is what is emitted in tanning beds. 


There are other options however, the main option which is still widely used is spray tans, while much safer than tanning beds it has has also been found to be harmful. Spray tans active ingredient is DHA which can to be harmful when inhaled or ingested. If you are going to get a spray tan, be sure that you are doing properly; outdoors and taking precautions as to not inhale or ingest the chemicals. 

Self-tan lotions are also another option to give your skin a little bronze glow and probably the least harmful to your body.

Bottom the skin you’re in and take care of it!! 

Be sure to get any moles or dark unusual markings checked by your dermatologist. And of course to wear sunscreen and keep skin protected everyday!

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