Helping others never made you Look and Feel so good…

Helping others never made you Look and Feel so good…

Your Participation strengthens our commitment and mission to help give back.

At Skin Resource.MD we are very proud that we are supporting the developing country of Zimbabwe with our use of the fruit from the baobab tree.

The baobab fruit provides additional income to support families in the poorer regions of Zimbabwe. It facilitates families to be able pay for school and pay for food needed for their children.

Being able to engage in international trade and promote greater equality in trading partnerships is what truly allows this region of Zimbabwe to reap the long term benefits of the baobab tree, and eventually improving the people’s situation in the poorer regions of Zimbabwe.

When products are made with respect to people and the planet it empowers communities to build strong thriving businesses which they can grow from, achieve better trading conditions and promote sustainable farming.  When you purchase Baobab Facial Correction Cream you are helping change an entire communities day to day lives. That in itself is a reason to support international trade products.

Skin Resource.MD is happy to help the women and their families in these extremely tough regions by engaging in the use the baobab fruit and by donating a portion of our sales of this product to International Medical Corps.

 International Medical Corps is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training and relief and development programs. Learn more about their programs at 






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