Eco-Conscious Packaging: How Skincare Brands Are Reducing Waste

Eco-Conscious Packaging: How Skincare Brands Are Reducing Waste

Many of us are thinking about cutting down on plastic as we push back against climate change and the harmful habits that are taking a toll on our Earth. Big companies are a large part of the problem, churning out products made with materials that aren't great for the environment. With that, many companies are also deciding to make changes to help shrink their footprint, starting with what type of plastic they use. 

In the skincare world, most of the millions of products used and produced are packaged in some sort of plastic. Many of these are single-use and non-recyclable variables that often end up in landfills due to toxic chemicals or blends that are difficult to recycle and breakdown. Not only can most of these bottles not be reused, but they also demand extensive manufacturing facilities to produce them, leaving behind a trail of environmental dust. These patterns have never been sustainable, but as the effects of large-scale production are increasingly effecting our world, change has never been more vital. 

Some companies are making important adjustments such as switching to PCR and recyclable plastic bottles to sell their products in. PCR (post-consumer recycled) is plastic that’s already been used and discarded by users already. The plastic is collected, cleaned, and repurposed to create new products - an incredible way to slow down the production of new materials. 

What are the main benefits of PCR?

Smaller Environmental Impact: this type of production reduces the need for new plastic which conserves natural resources and energy consumption. Awesome! 

Waste Reduction: While diverting waste away from landfills and into new manufacturing, PCR contributes to a more sustainable waste management system. Whooho! 

Recycling Economy: The more money that’s put into recycling and sustainable systems the more accessible these resources will become for everyone! Despite PCR still involving manufacturing processes that may have negative environmental impacts, at least the energy is being directed toward a more eco-friendly purpose.

Skin Resource is among the companies making a positive move by transitioning all our bottles to PCR plastic. Many companies hesitate to embrace such changes, citing financial and convenience concerns—factors that have contributed to the environmental predicament we find ourselves in today. PCR can be more expensive, but considering the ongoing environmental challenges, the monetary investment required to address these issues is incomparable to the cost of adopting solutions such as PCR. 

The beauty industry stands as a significant pillar in our society, holding considerable influence in shaping values and influencing how we prioritize and acquire products and procedures. It’s industries like this that are going to have to step up and stand with environmentalism despite the growing pains of adopting a new way of doing things. 

Ironically, the companies causing the most environmental damage are usually the ones with little to no regard for their impact on the world their buyers rely on. This continues to be a paradox of the capitalist world we live in. Nothing will change over night, but little changes over time will add up to something that could save the world. 

We are thrilled to introduce our new PCR products and other sustainable systems as we commit to supporting environmental responsibility, prioritizing our planet over ourselves! 2024 is the year to educate and immerse yourself in sustainability and the growing needs of our Mama Earth! 

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