Bruising: Why?, What?, How?

Bruising: Why?, What?, How?

Why do we bruise? Bruising is caused by a small injury or procedure in our case, which causes tiny blood vessels also known as capillaries to burst. Blood then gets trapped below the skin's surface which causes the bruise.

What procedures cause bruising? In Dermatology there are some procedures that can cause bruising, especially if your skin is more susceptible to bruising. These include some laser treatments, botox, minor surgeries, and sclerotherapy which is the treatment for leg veins.

How can we prevent or decrease the bruising? There are products that we recommend and trust to help with the pain management from bruising. Recova is a product that is a Doctor formulated cream which promotes healing, provides pain relief and accelerated healing with anti-inflammatory enzymes and root seeds extracts that actually speed up the healing process.

Recova Post-Surgery Cream. A doctor formulated cream that helps you recover more quickly, the Post-Surgery Cream promotes healing for bruised skin—all while providing pain relief. It’s ideal for patients who want to accelerate recovery in less pain after plastic surgery, sclerotherapy, or other procedures that cause bruising. With natural ingredients like Bromelian—an anti-inflammatory enzyme in pineapples—and different root and seed extracts, this is a first-of-its-kind cream that can help you heal more quickly.

Recova Tinted Arnica Cream. A special blend of arnica montana, witch-hazel shrub, grape seed oil, and other natural ingredients, Tinted Arnica Cream is carefully designed to work on your sensitive skin. It’s safe enough to use on your face—and effective enough to use all over your body. The cream is formulated to conceal your bruises while speeding recovery. It’s commonly used after facial plastic surgery and laser treatments.

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