5 Surprising Skincare Ingredients Your Skin Needs (and Will Love)

5 Surprising Skincare Ingredients Your Skin Needs (and Will Love)

Your skin is the first line of defense against all kinds of dangerous invaders, from damaging sun rays to bacteria. Like any sound defensive system, the skin needs regular upkeep to stay in peak condition. The ingredients in your skincare products act as fortification for your protective barrier. New ingredients enter the market all the time, but there are some (old and new) you don’t want to miss. 


Can Skin Absorb Nutrients—Why Ingredients Matter 

The skin is one of the most absorbent parts of your body. For better or worse, anything that gets on your skin has the potential for dermal absorption, the scientific term for things seeping into the skin. Dermal absorption is one reason you have to be careful when handling certain kinds of chemicals. If the chemicals come into contact with the skin, they can be absorbed into your bloodstream and cause harm. 

Dermal absorption works in your favor, too. The skin can absorb helpful vitamins and plant extracts to strengthen the cells and fortify your body’s defenses against damage. Choosing skincare products with ingredients that address areas of weakness for your skin can prevent the signs of aging and reduce environmental damage. 

Skincare Ingredients Your Skin Will Love  

New ingredients find their way to the market all the time. However, these five are ones we don’t think you’ll want to miss.  

Kola Extract 

Kola Extract

Kola extract comes from the Centella asiatica and is commonly known as the Gotu Kola. It’s naturally found in equatorial Africa, India, Madagascar, and Pakistan, where its healing properties have been used to heal burns, skin wounds, and reduce general inflammation for centuries.

Those same properties make it a valuable ingredient in today’s skincare products. In addition to reducing inflammation and aiding healing, it also stimulates collagen production. Collagen is a structural protein found in the body’s flexible tissues, including the skin. Collagen stimulation helps reduce the visible signs of aging and encourages cell growth. You can find it in SkinResourceMD’s Alpha Hydroxy Skin Renewal Serum and Baobab Skin Correction Facial Cream.


Baobab Seed and Pulm.

Baobab comes from the Adansonia digitata L. native to the African continent, where it too has been used for centuries for its medicinal and nutritive properties. The baobab found in skincare products comes from baobab seed oil. 

Baobab seed oil contains fatty acids used to strengthen the connection between skin cells, preventing dry, flaky skin. It also has beta-carotene, (healthy and helpful) cholesterol, and campesterol, which prevents the loss of collagen. Baobab can also help reduce the uneven pigmentation that naturally occurs with aging. Check out SkinResourceMD’s Baobab Skin Correction Facial Cream for baobab’s nourishing benefits. 

Sea Whip Extract

Sea Whip Extracet

This whimsical sounding ingredient comes from an environmentally-friendly, renewable sea organism, the Pseudopterogorgia elisabethae. It’s found in the Caribbean sea and offers powerful healing properties. 

When added to topical skin creams and serums, it neutralizes specific enzymes that irritate the skin, reducing inflammation. Those same properties also reduce the signs of aging, treat skin blemishes, and soothe sunburns. SkinResourceMD includes sea whip extract in:

Green Tea Oil

Green Tea Pot and Cups looking down.

Most people are used to drinking their tea rather than applying it to their skin. However, green tea’s benefits help your body from the inside and the outside. This popular oil comes from the Melaleuca alternifolia, a plant native to Australia. 

The oil naturally contains the antioxidant polyphenol, which protects the skin from damaging free radicals and helps prevent clogged pores. The caffeine in the tea oil reduces swelling and puffiness, while other properties help retain the skin’s natural moisture. Green tea makes an appearance in each of these SkinResourceMD products:

Pyrus Malus Fruit Extract

Pyrus Malus (Sugar Cane)

Pyrus malus fruit extract sounds exotic, but the Pyrus malus is the common apple. As one of the first cultivated plants in the world, the apple is a staple in many cooler climates. Apple extract contains helpful antioxidants that protect the skin from sun damage. It also acts as a skin conditioner, improving overall appearance. Pyrus malus is used in SkinResourceMDs Alpha Hydroxy Skin Renewal Serum.

The Takeaway

Many of the best moisturizers, skin protectors, and healing agents come from nature. These five ingredients do everything from maintain the skin’s integrity to reducing uneven pigmentation. Depending on the unique biochemistry of your skin, green tea, Pyrus malus fruit extract, or another soothing natural ingredient on this list might be what you need to bring out your skin’s natural glow.  

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