Three San Diego brands helping you up your at-home skincare routine

Three San Diego brands helping you up your at-home skincare routine

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Posted on March 24, 2020

With spa trips and other external provider-based elements of our regular personal maintenance and beauty routine on hold as we observe social distancing, there’s no need to throw out self-care completely — just give it a home makeover. New products from some of the local brands we love will help you bump up your at-home routine and keep you glowing.


No Zoom meetings or FaceTime calls, no problem! Slather on bioClarity’s Brighten Up, Sunshine masque to detox skin with powerful ingredients including Vitamin C from THD Ascorbate, avocado, apple, and hyaluronic acid to brighten and reenergize skin. Don’t forget your moisturizing routine — Skin Resource, MD’s Baobab Skin Correction Cream delivers powerful nutrients with oil from the “tree of life” Baobab, with high concentrations of vitamins A, D, and E plus essential fatty acids. It can be used day or night. Take advantage of the extra minutes you now have for a nice, relaxing shower rather than a rushed morning routine. Organic coconut oil-based skincare line Kopari’s Coconut Crush Scrub will give you an all-over glow, while its signature oil hydrates. Embrace this time at home to let your natural skin shine.

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