My Favorite Anti-Aging Night Creams

My Favorite Anti-Aging Night Creams


This post is sponsored by Skin Resource.MD all opinions are my own.

I recently went through my collection of beauty products and reorganized all of them. I’ve tried so many products over time, some pretty great, some not so great. So, I tossed the ones I didn’t love and tried to get the vast array of what I had left in an orderly fashion. You can see from drawer below, the gangs still rolling pretty deep.

However, amongst all of those bottles, are a few products I’ve grown to not only love, but use religiously at night. I’m pulling them all out for you today, my top anti-aging night creams.

My Favorite Anti-Aging Night Creams 

The products I’m sharing are all from Skin Resource.MD. I’ve had a long standing sponsorship with Skin Resource.MD and they’ve helped me build this skincare collection of mine – but that doesn’t sway my opinions one bit. These products are all great, and all developed right here in the USA by practicing dermatologists in California. Not to mention I’ve heard the countless praises of Skin Resource.MD from my readers as well, y’all love their products, and their customer service.

My Skin Issues

My skin is very dry, and at 32, I’m working with some wrinkles as well. So, my skincare routine is full of hydrating and nourishing products to combat dryness and fine lines.

My Nightly Routine

Each night I put on several creams and serums, and go to bed smelling “like sunscreen,” if you ask my five-year-old. It’s the best. Here’s what my routine consists of.

Baobab Cream

Baobab cream was one of the very first products I wrote about for Skin Resource.MD, that was nearly two years ago. Baobab was always one of the most interesting products that Skin Resource.MD carries to me.


Baobab Skin Correction Scream


In that post I wrote, “The star ingredient in this cream is Baobab Oil, from the Baobab Tree that originates in Africa. Nicknamed “The Tree of Life” the Baobab Tree not only produces nutrient dense fruits, it also produces oils that do wonders for your skin (and your hair). The Baobab oil that Skin Resource.MD uses is rich in antioxidants, with vitamins A, D, E, and F. What does that mean for your skin? Improvement of fine lines, wrinkles and lightening of uneven skin tone and sun damage.”

It truly is an amazing product. I was out for about a month while Skin Resource redid the packaging (putting more into the container for the same price), and when I was able to restart it I noted the visible difference it makes for my skin. With Baobab my skin is more even and my fine lines are less visible. Highly recommend! 

Total Antioxidant Facial Serum

This product is so silky and smooth, I just love the way my skin feels after I put it on. I’ve been using this product for years, but it’s said to make a notable difference in your skin in just a few weeks.


Total Antioxidant Facial Serum


I use the serum on my face and neck and Eye Perfection Therapy on my eyes. The eye serum has made a huge difference in my eyelids over the years. Even when I started using these products in my late 20’s I had a lot of “crepey” skin on my eyelids. Since using this, my eyelids are a lot smoother, which makes my makeup go on easier!


Eye Perfection Therapy


The two come in the Prescribe it For Yourself Kit for some cost savings. This kit is really a great starting place and has everything you need for a full routine.

Hyaluronic Serum

The hyaluronic serum is something I use morning and night. It’s incredibly moisturizing and almost instantly reduces the appearance of my fine lines and plumps my skin.


Hyaluronic Moisture Boost Serum


Soothing Gel Mask

I first mentioned this product in my post about sunburn. It’s so soothing and hydrating, I use it anytime I need a little extra moisture in my skin. With this mask you just put it on for 20 minutes and wash it off, so it’s great when you have a little extra time.

Ultra Rich BioLipid Cream

The best moisturizer around! I put this on every single night and love waking up to hydrated skin. It is heavier, so I only use it at night.

I’m feeling really good about my skincare at this point. I’m embracing those fine lines and wrinkles that are showing up. However, I’m also doing what I can to nourish my skin and treat it kindly as the years go on!



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