Legit Skin Clearing Products for Oily Skin

Legit Skin Clearing Products for Oily Skin

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I really didn’t think I would ever write a post about oily skin – being someone who typically has very dry skin. But, like the rest of the world, my skin has currently gone crazy.

Brooke from Pumps and Pushups

I can’t tell you why, maybe it’s the humidity, maybe it’s stress, maybe hormones – but over the last few months my skin has become increasingly oily.

At first I thought maybe it was another episode of aggravating my skin like I did once before. So I tried my usual routine and upped the hydrating products. But that wasn’t working. So, I decided it was time to try something else.

Collection of Products for Oily Skin

Deep Clearing Facial Cleanser

Skin Resource.MD has been more than generous with me over the years and have sent me just about everything from their line to try. I typically use their Gentle Cleanser, but this oily skin episode needed something a little heavier. So I reached for a bottle of their Tea Tree Deep Clearing Facial Cleanser.

Tea Tree Deep Cleaning Facial Cleanser

I didn’t want to make any drastic changes in my routine and make my skin go the opposite direction even further, so I started to add this cleanser in a couple times a week at night, still using the Gentle Cleanser for other cleanings. I can smell the tea tree in it as I use it and after using it, my skin always feels oil free (but not uncomfortably tight). I definitely think adding this is contributed to cutting back on my oiliness

Also to note, this cleanser doesn’t contain parabens, sulfates, benzoyl peroxide, colorants, or synthetic fragrance (all the things that can irritate your skin more.)

Rescue Gel

With oily skin, also comes pimples. For a good week I had a really nice one right in the middle of my forehead – you may have seen it in my flat iron curls post. It was cute.

Rescue Gel

I don’t get a ton of pimples, but every time one pops up, I break out the Rescue Gel. You can apply this all over your face, to clear pores and protect your skin daily from pollutants and makeup. I tend to just use it as a spot treatment morning and night. It will dry up a pimple in a matter of days without having to pop it, which not only spreads bacteria, it can also scar your face.

Advanced Refinishing Serum

If only feels natural to want to scrub at oily skin and breakouts, but I did a little research before I just started scrubbing away. Turns out, being too aggressive with your skin can actually irritate it more and lead to more breakouts. I read it was better to use a chemical exfoliant over a physical one (a scrub).

Age Limit Advanced Refinishing Serum

So, I used Advanced Refinishing Serum a few times a week. I regularly use this serum and love how it instantly brightens my skin each time, so this isn’t a change for me. The patented AHAminoPlex™ molecule that this serum contains has the same exfoliating properties as glycolic acid, without the irritation that can come from using pure glycolic acid. It’s one of my all time favorite products!

Crystal Clarity

I also used a physical scrub, but it used it sparingly to be safe, 1-2 times a week. Crystal Clarity isn’t overly abrasive and I feel it helped clear up my skin, rather than irritate it further. I personally alternate between Crystal Clarity and Advanced Refinishing Serum and don’t use them on the same day.

Shine-Free Solution

Then there is a quick fix for keeping oily skin under control during the day – Shine-Free Solution. Basically like a crazy powerful powder in a bottle, this solution can soak up oil for up to eight hours. I started using this product last summer and can’t rave enough about how well it keeps a matte makeup look. 

Brooke from Pumps and Pushups

I’ve even been known to put it on top of my makeup for quick touch ups, but you have to go easy with that, a little bit goes a long way. However, I typically use it before applying my moisturizer and makeup for the day. 

Brooke from Pumps and Pushups

My Skin Has Cleared

It took about a week to get my skin under control with these products. It’s still on the oily side, but I don’t have any current breakouts. So I’ll be keeping these new additions in my skincare routine until my skin decides to make a change again.



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