“Instant Gratification” for Sun Damaged Skin

“Instant Gratification” for Sun Damaged Skin

“Instant Gratification” for Sun Damaged Skin

Summer is winding down and we’re all in that fall state of mind. I see you on social media, pulling out your booties, sweaters and pumpkins. Me too, girl.

When summer fades, your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that could use a little refresh – your skin needs it too. Tans fade, but sun damage likes to stick around. You know what I mean, dry, dull, uneven skin. Your skin needs exfoliation, hydration and antioxidants to bounce back and prepare for the cooler air ahead.

Instant Gratification Kit for Sun Damaged Skin

I use the products in Skin Resource.MD’s Instant Gratification Kit year round, but they really shine when my skin is showing signs of wear and tear. In particular, I notice the most damage on my forehead, the skin there is often dull, dry and uneven.

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The Triple Threat

The Instant Gratification Kit is made up of three power products from Skin Resource.MD: Crystal Clarity Exfoliation Scrub, Baobab Anti-Aging Skin Correction Facial Cream, and Alpha Hydroxy Renewal Serum. They’re meant to be used after cleansing your skin with a gentle cleanser. Purchased separately they’ll cost you around $118, but the kit always has a little savings built in, with all three for $98. If you purchase it this month the kit is marked down to $78, and includes Ultra Rich Biolipid Cream for extra hydration.

Crystal Clarity

Crystal Clarity is a gentle scrub. I use it after cleansing a few times a week. It buffs and polishes my skin for a brighter appearance and helps with that even skin tone. It’s gentle so there’s never any irritation.

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Baobab Anti-Aging Skin Correction Facial Cream

Baobab is a power house cream for post summer skin that may be dull, dry and uneven. It’s full of antioxidants, which have been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate skin, and promote an even skin tone. I use this cream daily!

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Alpha Hydroxy Renewal Serum

My favorite Age-Limit Serum got a makeover and is now the Alpha Hydroxy Renewal Serum. I just started using the new version this month and LOVE it! This serum still has all of the great alpha hydroxy acids that remove dead skin (in turn revealing brighter skin), but they’ve added antioxidants to the formula. Together, the ingredients increase collagen, hydrate, and restore skin. It’s great for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and, of course, a great for remedy for sun damaged skin.

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Ultra Rich Biolipid Cream

If you purchase the Instant Gratification Kit this month, you’re also going to get the Ultra Rich Biolipid Cream. I use this cream at night and love how incredibly moisturizing and calming it is. It’s always important to hydrate your skin, but it’s especially important to include it when you’re using exfoliating products like Crystal Clarity and the Renewal Serum.

My Routine

So, how do I integrate the products from the Instant Gratification Kit into my skincare routine? I use most of them in my evening routine and keep Crystal Clarity and Alpha Hydroxy Renewal Serum to a few times a week. Sometimes I alternate the two and sometimes I use them together. I haven’t really noted any issue using them either way.

In the evening, I start with a gentle cleanser and follow it with Crystal Clarity, when my skin is damp. Then I apply the Alpha Hydroxy Renewal Serum to Dry Skin.

Then I apply an antioxidant serum, Baobab, and finally Ultra Rich Biolipid Cream.

On the nights I’m skipping a scrub I just move from cleanser straight to my antioxidant serum, Baobab and Biolipid Cream.

So, if you’re looking to brighten, hydrate and protect your skin, I highly recommend picking up the Instant Gratification Kit while it’s on sale through September.



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