5 Things to do Right Now if You are Unhappy with Your Skin

5 Things To Do Right Now If You’re Unhappy With Your Skin

5 Things To Do Right Now If You’re Unhappy With Your Skin

  1. realize your skin doesn’t define you // perfect skin or skin that’s seen better days, it does not define you. You are perfectly you and you are loved no matter what your skin looks like. It’s easy for me to feel down if I have a zit or think less of myself/appearances because I have a blemish or scarring from acne but we can’t let that define us/our actions/feelings.
  2. realize your body is telling you something // Our bodies are amazing. Things like breakouts or even rashes are signs that something is off. If you have clogged pores you need to switch up and evaluate your products, if you’re breaking out in a specific area look up what that area means, if you have hormonal acne look at taking something to balance your hormones (for me it’s Progessence+), if you just can’t seem to figure out where your acne is coming from evaluate other things like stress, living conditions, hydration, diet, etc or talk with a Dermatologist to figure it out.
  3. evaluate your current routine // What are you washing your face with now? Do you have a skincare routine? Are you using too many products? Are you using body wash on your face?
  4. start a very simple routine // It’s okay to admit you don’t have a skincare routine in place but I am here to tell you to start one girl! Start basic with a gentle cleanser and a moisturizer. After you start that consistently (consistency is KEY) then add in treatments like serums, eye creams, masks, etc.
  5. narrow down your problem areas + find a solution one at a time // What is it that you don’t like about your skin? Acne? Aging? Determine the issue and address it one by one. For me, it’s texture and occasional acne. For texture issues like rough skin or unevenness, I like to add in a gentle exfoliator and chemical exfoliation like AHA or BHA about once a week. If I’m having an acne issue I find the reason for it, to be honest, it’s dirty pillowcase or makeup brushes most of the time. If your issue is aging then add in an anti-aging serum like this one. 


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