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Why are alcohol based toners bad for skin that breaks out or acne? (Discuss natural sebum, stimulating overproduction of oil, cotton wipes turning brownish/grey while using alcohol wipes, etc.)

Are there any home remedies?

What are the different kinds of acne?

Do’s and Don’ts of dealing with acne and breakouts?

Are there any fast treatments or tricks to deal with a large unexpected blemish?

What is adult acne and why does it happen? Is it hormone related?

What prescription drugs are used to treat acne and what do they do?

Why do you need a moisturizer if you have acne? Won’t moisturizers break me skin out?


How does sunscreen work?

Does it help to wear sunscreen on overcast days?

Is this sunscreen safe for kids and babies?

How should I use sunscreen with oily skin?

Are sunscreens bad for skin health?

What does zinc oxide in sunscreens do?

What’s the best way to select a sunscreen?

Should we apply sunscreen after or before moisturizer?

How do I treat a sunburn?

Will sunscreen limit the amount of Vitamin D I receive?

How often should I apply sunscreen?

When should I use sunscreen?


How do I slow down the aging process in my skin?

What causes wrinkles and skin aging?

When is the best time to apply anti-aging products?

What ingredients should I be looking for?

How often should I apply anti-aging products?

What are aging spots? How should I treat them?

What causes skin to age prematurely?

Skin Care for Men

What's the first step for a good skin care regimen?

Does aftershave help my skin?


What is the cause of eczema?

What can cause eczema to flare up?

Why does my eczema get worse in cold weather?

What should I avoid if I get eczema?

Is eczema common in kids?

Skin Cancer

How do I prevent skin cancer?

How often should I check my skin for skin cancer?

What is the most common form of skin cancer?

Is there a genetic link to skin cancer?

Oily Skin

Why do I have oily skin?

Should I use a moisturizer even if I have oily skin?

Is there a way to make my skin less oily?

Sensitive Skin

What is sensitive skin?

Can I reduce my sensitive skin?


What is psoriasis?

I've heard psoriasis can affect my that true?

I know there is not a cure for psoriasis, but how do I treat it?

Dark Spots

What causes dark spots?

What can I use to minimize the appearance of my dark spots?

Can I prevent getting dark spots?

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