The Power of Self Love for Skin and Wellness

The Power of Self Love for Skin and Wellness

As we rub on that second layer of sunscreen or indulge in that fancy eye cream we’ve been eyeing (pun intended), we're giving our skin the TLC it deserves. But amidst the flood of skincare products, let's not forget the real source of wellness - ourselves. 

If you’re slightly cringing at how cheesy that seems I don’t blame you, but as the beauty market continues to grow and the outside pressures are pushing down on us to look a certain way, practicing the power of self love may just become a superpower. 

Here’s the secret the skincare industry doesn’t want you to know: beyond the serums and creams, reducing stress, maintaining a balanced diet, and embracing your imperfections are the unsung heroes of skincare, offering a natural and fantastic way to nurture your skin.

If you’re frustrated with a breakout that just won’t quit or textured skin that’s tripping you up, a good first place to look is your diet. Buying that expensive cream may give the allure of a quick fix, but prioritizing a nutrient dense diet could help your skin clear for a lifetime. Essential vitamins like A, C, and E play crucial roles in skin health. Making sure you’re eating enough whole foods, fruits and veggies can act as an undercover pimple popper by encouraging skin regeneration, collagen production, and protection against oxidative stress.

And, of course, water! Hydration is one of the biggest factors in skin health playing a pivotal role in maintaining moisture levels, a radiant complexion, and supporting elasticity, suppleness, and overall well-being. 

Healthy exercise habits are also a great way to regulate skin. Getting your heart rate up regularly helps blood flow ensuring your skin gets all the oxygen it needs. Sweating is also its own detoxification helping flush out any toxins residing in the skin. And as much as exercise can feel hard in the moment, it’s also a natural anti-inflammatory. Combine all that with a good nights sleep and your skin will be waking up just as refreshed as you are. 

Eating good and exercising are undoubtedly amazing ways to support your skin’s health. Taking care of your body physically is an act of self love that goes the distance, but loving yourself from the inside out is the other half of the wellness whole. 

In a world that asks nothing more of us than to change what seems like everything about ourselves, learning to love your unique beauty and cherish that parts of your body that make you you can be an amazing way to support your overall health. True self love means accepting oneself, flaws and all. Simply having a loving mindset about your body can truly improve your well being, physically and mentally. 

If simply thinking positive thoughts hasn’t sold you as a solid skincare plan, let’s talk about the other effects of loving yourself. You’re less stressed, more motivated to take care of yourself, inflammation decreases, social connections strengthen, your immune system boosts - and these are just to name a few! 

When it comes to self care and wellness, it’s hard to make a wrong turn. The more compassion you pour into yourself, your body will respond with the same amount, if not more. Next time you’re standing in the skincare isle starring at a hundred products all promising to transform your skin overnight remember what other life habits you can add into your routine as well. 

Modern medicine offers us a plethora of life changing products, skincare included, but much like anything, it works best balanced with other healthy habits. Give yourself a hug! 

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