SkinResourceMD Daily Skin Care Routine

The Order of Things: Your Daily Skin Care Routine

Investing time in taking care of your skin is worth every minute, however it becomes a waste of time if products are not being applied in a correct order.

The main thing to remember is to go from lightest to heaviest…this will help keep your application in the right order and allow products to reach their full impact.

First, always cleanse with a gentle no-soap cleanser

1. Alcohol Free Toner – It removes minerals and plumps skin with hydration

2. Serums- great for firming, hydrating and brightening skin tone

3. Moisturizer – protect skin and keep it hydrated

4. Eye Cream – these creams tend to be more concentrated so only a small amount is required. Helps soften the appearance of fine lines

5. Sunscreen – this important step protects skin from harmful UV rays

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