August is Psoriasis Awareness Month

August is Psoriasis Awareness Month

Psoriasis is a condition that affects approximately 7.5 million people in the United States, including celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Psoriasis occurs when the immune system sends out faulty signals to skin cells which speed up the growth of the cells, resulting in a red, scaly rash that often causes itching and sometimes bleeding. Psoriasis isn’t contagious, though there is evidence that it can be inherited through genetics.

August is Psoriasis Awareness Month. While none of our skin care products directly treat psoriasis, and there is no cure for the disease, we believe as dermatologists it is important for the public to be aware of a disease which affects so many people. In fact, psoriasis is the most common autoimmune disease in the country, so even if you do not suffer from psoriasis, it is very likely that you know someone who does.

What is it like to live with psoriasis?

The most common symptoms of psoriasis are red, scaly patches on the skin, often occurring on the scalp, knees, or elbows. Of course, not all rash-like symptoms are psoriasis. Only a dermatologist or other health care provider can diagnose and prescribe treatments for psoriasis.

For some people living with the condition, the symptoms are mild and appear infrequently. For others, psoriasis can be severe and have a serious impact on daily life, particularly if the affected areas include the palms of hands or soles of feet. And because psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder, people with psoriasis are at a higher risk of developing other chronic and serious health conditions.

Why is Psoriasis Awareness Month important?

Even though the disease is very common, it is often misunderstood. It is not contagious, though some people mistakenly believe that it is, which can lead to discrimination against those with the disease.

The chronic, sometimes painful nature of psoriasis can make it hard for some people with this disease to work or perform daily tasks. Psoriasis Awareness Month was created by the National Psoriasis Foundation to raise awareness, encourage research into treatment for the disease, and to advocate for better care for people with psoriasis.

How is psoriasis treated?

Psoriasis cannot be cured. Luckily, there are treatments that can provide relief, including medications, ointments, and light therapy, which can all be prescribed by your dermatologist.

A daily skin care routine of cleansing and moisturizing your skin can also help to soothe the symptoms of psoriasis. Whether you suffer from this condition or not, our Total Facial Cleansing Gel and Total Skin Moisturizer should be part of your everyday skin care regimen.

The Total Facial Cleansing Gel offers an ultra-gentle, soap-free formula to thoroughly cleanse your skin. Use it twice a day to remove residue from the skin's surface without irritating or depleting moisture. After cleansing your face, apply the Total Skin Moisturizer to hydrate and protect your skin.

We put the CARE in skin care.

Though our skin care products do not treat medical skin conditions like psoriasis, our products are formulated and recommended by our board-certified, practicing dermatologists. With over 75 combined years of experience treating nearly 100,000 patients, our doctors and staff truly care about all of our patients and customers.


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 Psoriasis affects approximately 7.5 million people in the United States, including celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Learn more about this common skin condition.

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