How to make a splash with skincare ingredients from the sea.

How to make a splash with skincare ingredients from the sea.

If you’ve ever spent a refreshing day at the beach, you know the rejuvenation that can come from time by the sea. What’s in the sea can be just as rejuvenating and refreshing for your skin as lounging on the beach. We’re looking at algae for its medicinal and cosmetic benefits, with some tips and products to boost your skin health. 


Skincare ingredients from the sea:

Green detox superfood powder.

Chlorella vulgaris

Chlorella vulgaris, commonly called chlorella, is a microalga that’s been a popular subject of scientific studies for its bioactive compounds. When placed in contact with the skin, those compounds can promote healing, reduce inflammation, and fight the bacteria that cause acne. 


Red Algae on Beach.

Hawaiian red marine algae

Hawaiian red marine algae, in particular Turbinaria ornata, contains antioxidants that help repair and protect the skin. Antioxidants counteract the free radicals released from your body’s natural oxidative processes as well as the free radicals you encounter in your surrounding environment. 

Because antioxidants prevent skin cell damage from free radicals, they also help fight the visible signs of aging. Hawaiian red marine algae is also a humectant, a substance that attracts and holds onto water, making it an ideal ingredient for moisturizing products.


Red dulse algae

Red dulse algae, also known as Palmaria palmata, brings its own set of unique properties to the skin. This type of algae also has a high antioxidant count, counteracting free radical damage while also helping to prevent future damage. Like Hawaiian red marine algae, red dulse algae can reduce visible signs of aging too. 


Where to find sea-based skincare ingredients and how to use them

Skincare ingredients that come from the sea are a natural alternative to synthetic chemicals and compounds. The trick is finding the right products for your skin, with effective ingredients that are gentle, soothing, and healing. 


Algae for healing and acne

Chlorella vulgaris is a key ingredient in SkinResource.MD’s BHA Treatment Gel. In this formula, the chlorella targets the bacteria that cause breakouts while also healing the skin from current acne-related damage. 

However, chlorella isn’t the only ingredient in this acne treatment worth looking at. BHA Treatment Gel is an exfoliant with natural ingredients that fight acne. The exfoliant content is an important factor in reducing breakouts. Your pores get clogged by dead skin cells, oil, and dirt, creating an environment where bacteria can take hold. An exfoliant helps you shed dead skin cells before they get caught in your pores. This acne treatment also contains essential oils to clean the pores, and Australian Tea Tree oil to further soothe the skin and fight the bacteria that lead to acne. 

Apply acne treatments after washing your face with a gentle cleanser like Total Facial Cleansing Gel or Tea Tree Deep Clearing Facial Cleanser if you’re fighting breakouts. Follow up your acne treatment with Oil Free Antioxidant Moisturizer hydrate the skin. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to protect yourself from UV damage.


Girl applying lotion on face. 

Algae to moisturize and reduce the signs of aging

SkinResource.MD’s Baobab Skin Correction Facial Cream has a blend of ingredients, including red dulse algae, that evens pigmentation, hydrates, heals, and protects from daily free radical damage. Red dulse algae bring its natural antioxidant content to correct and protect the skin from free radical damage. It’s also rich in vitamins and proteins that nourish the skin. 

However, the key ingredient in this cream is baobab. Baobab seed oil comes from an African tree. It’s a natural moisturizer that soothes irritated skin and corrects pigmentation. The power of baobab and red dulse algae are boosted with Gotu kola, which stimulates collagen production and cell regeneration. Finally, there’s a good dose of shea butter to rehydrate thirsty skin. 

Baobab Skin Correction Facial Cream can be applied after cleansing and applying any special skin treatments, like serums and acne treatments. It can be a daily moisturizer or applied underneath a thicker daily moisturizer for extra hydration. 


Algae to revitalize while reducing visible oil

Oil control is a battle that many people with oily skin take on every day. Cleansing, treating, and hydrating your skin regularly with products designed for oily skin is the best way to keep breakouts under control. If you’re looking to add to your arsenal, there’s a skincare product with Hawaiian red marine algae that can help — Shine Free Solution.

Shine Free Solution contains a powder that absorbs oil to reduce visible shine. It also contains tea tree oil to fight bacteria, and Hawaiian red marine algae for its antioxidants and moisturizing effects. 


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The takeaway

The sea is full of natural ingredients that can benefit your skin. We’re fans of algae for the gentle nourishment, protection, and hydration it offers. Whether you’re treating acne, uneven pigmentation, or dry skin, there’s an ingredient from the sea that can help. 

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