How to Care for the (Sagging) Skin on Your Neck

How to Care for the (Sagging) Skin on Your Neck

The correct application of skincare products is one of the ways to prevent damage and premature aging from head to toe. Unfortunately, gravity and sun exposure take their toll on everyone (and everything). In many people’s haste to preserve their visage, they readily apply moisturizers and creams to their face, often forgetting the neck. This area shows signs of aging like any other part of the body. A solid skincare routine that includes the neck can keep the skin taut and prevent premature sagging.


What causes sagging skin?

Young, undamaged skin stretches, flexes, and bounces back into shape without a problem. A baby's creases, after all, don’t last all the way through childhood. As you age, your skin slowly loses its ability to snap back in place. Think of it like a rubber band that’s been stretched over and over again. With time, that rubber band can’t maintain the same shape it once did.

The proteins in the skin that are responsible for flexibility — elastin and collagen — break down over time. Breakdown is a result of daily damage from unprotected exposure to sunlight and pollutants. Natural aging also plays a big role in fine lines and wrinkles because the body becomes less efficient at repairing the damage. Elastin and collagen levels go down, and the proteins that are there may not work as efficiently. In time, your body cannot heal itself on its own from daily damage or from the cumulative effects of aging. 

Before you think there’s no hope for sagging skin, think again. Your daily skincare routine nourishes, helps repair, and can encourage cell turnover to reduce the visible signs of again, for tighter, more youthful skin.  


How to care for the sagging skin on your neck

1. Keep it clean

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You probably (hopefully) wash your neck when you’re in the shower or bath. While the skin on the neck isn’t as sensitive as that on the face, it’s more sensitive and delicate than other areas of the body. Protect that sensitive skin by using a facial cleanser instead of body soap. Cleansers, like SkinResourceMD’s Total Facial Cleansing Gel, are soap-free and help maintain the skin’s natural moisture levels. A moisturized neck stays supple and flexible. 


2. Moisturize

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Treat the skin on the throat like facial skin. It’s not quite as sensitive, though it can be for some. After gentle cleansing, this skin needs a moisturizer to add vital nutrients and lock in natural moisture levels. SkinResourceMD’s Oil Free Antioxidant Facial moisturizer is a lightweight option that floods the skin in damage-reducing antioxidants. For those with dry skin or as a night treatment, try Ultra Rich Biolipid Cream for a richer option that includes extracts that reduce redness and irritation.


3. Protect with sunscreen

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The neck takes sun damage just as much as the face, yet it’s easy to forget to cover the area. It’s essential to protect all of your skin from harmful UV rays. UV rays penetrate the skin and break down elastin and collagen,  contributing to premature aging.

Essential Solar Protector and Hyaluronic Facial Solar Protector are both excellent options for the throat area. Essential Solar Protector is an SPF47 physical sunscreen that prevents acts as a shield to prevent harmful UVA and UVB rays from penetrating the skin. It quickly absorbs into the skin, protects, moisturizes, and doesn’t leave a sticky, greasy mess. 

The Hyaluronic Facial Solar Protector is a tinted, hydrating formula that can be used to even the skin tone between the face and the throat. This physical sunscreen contains hyaluronic acid, which attracts and holds water to hydrate the skin.


4. Target the area with throat-specific products

Incorporate the skin on your neck into your daily skincare routine. Try a neck-specific product like Firm & Repair Throat Cream. This rich cream contains peptides that enhance cell production to bring back the skin’s firmness. It also contains an anti-puffiness complex that targets inflammation and swelling. Finally, it provides the skin with nutrients like vitamin E and cranberry oil that contain antioxidants to fight natural skin breakdown. 


 Love your body. Female hands with cream in heart .

Take care of all of your skin

The skin is your protective barrier from a harsh world. Take care of your neck during your facial skincare routine. It gets exposed to the same damage and needs a little TLC too. Clean, moisturize, and protect. Don’t forget to give this skin a little love with a firming treatment to prevent saggy skin from prematurely aging you. 

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