Sweat Proof Makeup Products

Sweat Proof Makeup Products

Sweat-Proof Summer Makeup

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I love summer, the heat, the sun – it brings me to life. If you ask me, the hotter the better, but when it comes to humidity, yeah, it can go. Here in Virginia, we’re not as bad off as some of you further south, but currently every time I step outside, it feels a little bit like I just stepped out of the shower. #sweatin

With all that sweating, and all that moisture in the air, makeup doesn’t like to stay put. However, with the right products, there’s a fighting chance.

3 Products For Sweat-Proof Summer Makeup

Sweat-Proof Summer Makeup | How to Sweat-Proof Your Makeup | Summer Makeup | Setting Sprays

I figured the best way to share these sweat-proof makeup products is to give you a little run down of how I apply my makeup for summer. It’s all about a lot of priming, and a lot of setting with powder and sprays. First up, prime away.

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Shine-Free Solution

Starting with the Shine-Free Solution from Skin Resource.MD. My skin is dry, so I’m not one to use products that “soak up” oil. However, come summer and humidity, the dryness takes a back seat to oily skin. After seeing a post on Torey’s blog about this product, I decided to start trying it under my makeup. The verdict – it works!

How I sweat-proof my summer makeup | summer makeup |sweat-proof makeup | beauty tips

How does it work? With antimicrobial essential oils and a powder that absorbs 400 times its weight in oil. Powerful stuff for summer makeup, and anyone who is oily and acne prone year round.

Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

Next, I prime my eyelids, with Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Then I top it with powder, big ol’ fluffy brush and all.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer | how I sweat-proof my summer makeup | summer makeup | summer beauty

Don’t worry, in the summer you won’t get that cakey powdery look, instead the powder will help absorb sweat and oil and keep your makeup in place.

MAC setting powder | summer makeup routine via pumps and push-ups blog | Humidity proof makeup

I use Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation because it not only sets, it also adds a level of coverage. You’ll see I use it quite a bit throughout my routine.

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

Next, I apply my eyeshadow, then foundation. Before moving on to my foundation, I give my face a spray of Urban Decay All Nighter.

Summer makeup routine via pumps and push-ups blog | summer makeup | makeup routine

Remember my post where I compared All Nighter to Mac Fix+? In that post I said I preferred the Fix+ spray because it didn’t make my face feel as tight as the All Nighter spray.

Summer makeup that lasts | sweat-proof summer makeup | sweat-proof makeup | humidity proof makeup

However, now that it’s summer and sweat is in full force, I’ve found that I prefer the All Nighter spray for it’s staying power in the heat and humidity! Looks like I have a summer and a winter spray now.

Finishing Touches

Next, I’ll apply my foundation, followed by more setting powder. Then my concealer, followed by – you guessed it, more powder. Then I’ll apply my bronzer, blush, fill in my eyebrows and eyeliner.

My summer makeup routine via pumps and push-ups blog | summer makeup | summer skincare

Then I’ll finish it off with one more spray of All Nighter before I apply my mascara.

How To Make Your Summer Makeup Sweat-Proof

There you have it! In a nutshell, the secret behind lasting sweat-proof makeup is prime (with an oil absorbing primer, set with a powder, and set with a spray!

Summer makeup | how to sweat-proof your makeup | makeup routine | humidity proof makeup

What are some of your favorite summer makeup products?


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