Four Ways to Love Your Skin More

Four Ways to Love Your Skin More

Four Ways to Love Your Skin More

It’s officially the month of love. While you’re popping stickers on Valentines, and making dinner plans – don’t forget to show yourself a little love too. In this post in particular, I’m sharing four ways you can love your skin more.

Get More Sleep

It’s easy to put yourself on the back burner when the stress of life hits. This year especially has been stressful on all of us. For mommas like me, you were already maxed out, now you may be juggling virtual school for your kiddos, with work and life, it’s wild. I find myself often staying up too late with my mind racing and my skin suffers.

You can put on all the creams in the world, but if you’re not letting your body rest and restore at night, your skin will show it.

Drink More Water

Years ago I made a New Year’s Resolution to drink more water. It may have been the only time I actually stuck to a resolution. What started with drinking more water, eventually evolved into drinking only water and coffee. While some days there’s more coffee than water going on, I know the water I do drink always helps my skin. Healthy skin is hydrated skin, and that hydration starts on the inside!

Wash Your Face Every Night

Hands down the most important time to wash your face is at night. At the bare minimum you should wash your face with a gentle cleanser and put on some moisturizer. Bonus points if you add in a few serums too. My must haves in my routine are this cleanser, this serum, this cream, and this moisturizer. There are special savings on this streamlined kit this month!

Protect Your Skin

It’s easy to forget sunscreen in the winter, but even when you’re all bundled up, the sun will still hit your face and do damage. I use this facial sunscreen daily under my makeup. It has built in hyaluronic acid for a moisture boost too! In the summer I also wear hats when I’m out in the sun to protect my face.

Show your skin a little love this month, and it will love your right back!



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