Fall Skin Fix

Fall Skin Fix

When the leaves start to change, so does my skin. My skin gets incredibly dry, then dull, then oily. If you didn’t know that extra dry skin can lead to oily skin, peek back at this post.

My skin has never been oily or prone to breakouts, but when I let it get dry, the pimples start creeping. Lately, those breakouts have been on my cheeks which I attribute to the dry air, but who knows, it could also be from all the mask wearing we have to do these days.

So, what’s a girl to do when her skin goes crazy? Pile on the moisturizer. I’m convinced that moisturizing your skin is a major cure all, but don’t take that as a fact, it just always works for me!


Visibly Moist Toner

Visibly Moist Toner

You may remember this Visibly Moist Toner from the dry skin foundation post I wrote last year. I skip this one in the summer, but in the winter, I apply it under my makeup and sometimes on top too. It adds so much moisture to your skin that not only helps your makeup lay better, it prepares your skin for other serums and creams. It is best used right after cleansing with a...


Ultra Rich BioLipid Cream

The ultimate night cream! This cream is so thick, soothing and luxurious. My skin always feels so good when I put this on at night. The antioxidants in this cream repair damage and improve skins appearance.


Ultra Rich Bio-Lipid Cream


During the day I use an oil-free moisturizer that is light and perfect for wearing under makeup.

If you want to read about more of the products I use in my skincare routine, check out this post. You can also find special savings on three products I use most often in the fall with this skincare kit from Skin Resource.MD.


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