Changing Season... Changing Skin

Changing Season... Changing Skin

As we approach a new season it is important to remember that our environment affects the way our skin may react to weather and other environmental changes. So we must learn to modify and adjust our existing skin care routine.

Fall is a transitional phase, blemishes may return in full force since skin becomes dehydrated, which also brings dry skin and redness.

During this time our skin craves treatments that will bring back the glow, this includes scrubs, moisturizing masks, and moisturizers that will lock in the moisture to skin such as a hyaluronic acid which is especially beneficial for keeping the moisture on your skin.

A lot people also experience sun damage so it is important to use products that may help reverse some of the damage that was caused during the summer months, so using products that will help reduce the the fine lines and spots that occur because of too much sun exposure.

Here are two products we recommend for the Fall Season

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