Hot Weather Guide: Tips and Tools to Beat the Heat This Summer

Hot Weather Guide: Tips and Tools to Beat the Heat This Summer

Who doesn’t want to get out there and have fun in the sun? Read this expert advice first.


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1. Prevent Hot Head

“The sun’s rays in the summer are so strong that it’s important to shield your hair,” says Jackie Romero, a makeup artist and hairstylist in Sherman Oaks, California. UV exposure can do real damage to your scalp and hair follicles, so use a heat-protecting serum, such as Macadamia Professional Sun Shield Dry Oil Veil. 


2. Be Ray Smart

Research shows that preventing sunspots and brown patches (melasma) requires blocking infrared (IR-A) rays as well as UVA and UVB. “IR-A rays can penetrate the first layer of skin and top layers of tissue,” says Dallas-based dermatologist Kristel Polder, M.D. Look for a sunblock with active mineral ingredients such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide or iron oxide, like EltaMD UV Pure.

3. Beat the Rub

Anyone who is active knows that sweat can lead to wet skin rubbing against itself, causing friction and irritation, especially in the inner thigh area. “Applying a protective ointment acts as a barrier to stop the skin from touching another surface of the skin,” says Michelle Dawson, M.D., of Clarkston Dermatology in Michigan. Try Body Glide. 

4. De-Puff

High temps can lead to water retention and swollen ankles, says dermatologist Marina Peredo, M.D., of Skinfluence in New York City. To treat the temporary condition, elevate your legs or try a menthol-infused body-soothing gel like Basq NYC Cooling Body Bliss.


5. Cover Up

Your clothing can also protect you from the sun’s burning rays. But “regular clothes typically equate to only an SPF 4,” Dawson says. Check out sun-protective clothing like shirts, hats and other garments from Coolibar. They’re infused with an SPF 50+ and block 98 percent of UVA/UVB rays. Try Coolibar’s Wide Brim Beach Hat and V-Neck Tunic.


6. Don’t Sweat It

Cool off with a battery- or USB-powered fan you can keep in your purse and pull out when needed, such as the Brookstone Cool It Personal Fan.


7. Banish Acne

Blame overactive oil glands for more clogged pores and blemishes in the summer, says Paul B. Dean, M.D., of Grossmont Dermatology Medical Clinic and Skin Cancer Treatment Center in La Mesa, California. “Washing with gentle nonsoap cleansers with cool water and a washcloth will alleviate the plugging significantly,” he says. To clean out pores, try Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask.


8. Take a Powder

When sweat builds up on skin it can cause a rash of reddish bumps and a prickly sensation. “The best way to avoid heat rash is to wear breathable fabrics and wash frequently, which will prevent a buildup of sweat on your skin,” says Joel Schlessinger, M.D., of Skin Specialists P.C. in Omaha, Nebraska. To treat an uncomfortable outbreak, try Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powder. 

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